i’ve been fat the whole time you’ve known me

that means i probably intend to stay fat

it means my love affair with food is deep

and good-fitting jeans are just a jump-off

it means i bought a snack to eat while i was making dinner

and called it foreplay

it means that, remember that time when you called & and was like ‘oh i can’t talk right now’ & you was like ‘who’s over there with you’ & i was like ‘nobody’?

i lied, it was a half-gallon of soft serve

and…half a pack of oreos

…the whole pack of oreos

it means that the other woman is betty crocker

and if you don’t get that bass out your voice i’m moving her in & you out


it means that if

through some miracle of modern science and zumba

i were to get skinny

it would probably just be a temporary stop off on my way to elastic waist pants

so i’m not throwing out the big girl panties just yet

and if you don’t love my big voluptuous fly amazonian ass

right the eff now

you don’t love the real me



One comment on “plus”
  1. OBiDARA says:

    Please write more poetry. Thank you

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