On Throwing Shade: President Barack Obama’s Top 10 Moments


Last night many of us discovered that the #SOTU hashtag so many of us were trending may have very well been an acronym for “Shade of the Union”. And while I, like most Americans, have a wide-range of critiques of President Obama’s two terms in office, I simply cannot deny the finesse with which he deploys sarcasm and the ancient black art of “the read” as scathing tools against his would be foes. Today, in honor of that great history, I present to you the Top 10 Moments our first Black President, Barack Obama, has paid homage to the rich shade throwing legacy of our ancestors.


1) If we’re being honest, the now President started giving us hints to the type of thuggery that was in store for us well before he was officially sworn into office. In this video, we see what Barack has to say to those who would dare come for his wife, Michelle:

The moral of the story, Obama WILL flex on you if you don’t keep his wife’s name out your mouth.

Come at me bro.
Come at me bro.


2) And who can forget that moment where Obama had to remind the media why folks smoke weed?

Why waste a good blunt?

Just sayin’.


3) When forced to reply to unfounded rumors about his “real” birthplace Obama’s response was, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

Note the pause mid eye-roll to drop knowledge on Brian Williams that American and Muslim aren’t mutually exclusive.

He IS a Christian, but it shouldn't matter.
He IS a Christian, but it shouldn’t matter.


4) In a rare act of hateration, Obama inexplicably comes for famed footballer David Beckham…

Sources close to Barack say this is a #clapback for Beckham securing the underwear line Obama had clearly been vying for:

I'm bringing sexy back.
I’m bringing sexy back.


5) Barry reminds the attendees of Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women Summit” why he don’t need nobody’s presidential seal:

Whoever’s job that was can stay shook though.

Act like you know!
Act like you know!


6) Watch as Obama swerves on this inane Fox “News” reporter, who thought he had caught him out there for some reason:

No sir, you’d be wrong. Now watch how I get your peers to laugh at you.

You tried it tho.
You tried it tho.


7) In this clip the President swiftly puts yet another a too thirsty reporter in his place:

Clearly he had no idea who he was dealing with.


8) Obama is in the habit of verbally face-smacking and publicly shaming hecklers with no chill:

In the words of Tamar Braxton…

Seats, have several.
Seats, have several.


9) In a stunning take-down move, Obama delivers his most thorough response yet to the conspiracy theorists questioning his birthplace, among other critiques (if you don’t want to watch the entire 19 minutes, come for the birth certificate shade, but stay for the Donald Trump read):

The real gem here is the look on Donald Trump’s face.

"Not amused" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.
“not amused” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.


10) Finally, we complete this list with the shade that almost broke the internet, last night’s State of the Union Address jab at the Republicans who dared to try and throw some shade of their own by clapping at the mention of Obama’s campaigning having finally come to an end.


They stay mad.
They stay mad.


One comment on “On Throwing Shade: President Barack Obama’s Top 10 Moments”
  1. ~Denise~ says:

    This was Amaze-balls

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